DIY Wedding Workshop


Have you decided to purchase bulk flowers and arrange them yourself for your wedding? Consider joining us for a half day class covering all aspects of how to put your wedding flowers together. We will demonstrate how to design a tablescape, how to put together a bridal bouquet and a boutonniere.

We will cover details such as:

  • estimating the quantity of stems to buy
  • transporting your flowers
  • handling your blooms to ensure freshness
  • and designing

We'll have plenty of material and an allotted amount of time for you to experiment with the blooms and ask questions.

Each attendee is welcome to bring one person who will be helping them with the flowers. Never assume you will have time to put your own wedding flowers together. You'll need a lead flower person on this job due to the timeliness of the work and the desire for the freshest look possible. 

Sunday, July 13th