Flower Harvester

Broadturn Farm is looking to fill 3 positions for seasonal flower harvesters from mid June through September. This is a part time job but could extend to full time if both parties are willing and able. The schedule for this position is 5AM-12PM Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Duties would include working to harvest a variety of flower crops in all types of weather. We produce over 300 different flower crops. No experience in necessary but you must have a love of flowers. You must love watching the sunrise and the fog lift. You must love carrying armloads of blooms back to the barn. And then, once you get over all that romance on the first day, you must be willing to show up every day after that and sweat, get a few bug bites, and laugh and joke and sing karaoke with our boisterously funny crew. It’s hard work but fun and often supremely beautiful. The schedule is not flexible. These are the days we need help. Serious inquiries only. Please send a resume to

Summer Camp Assistant Educator

Broadturn Farm is looking an enthusiastic individual interested in working with our youngest farmers (4-5 year old 'Sprouts'). This position is part time, 8:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday, from June 24th-August 23rd, and our candidate must be available for the entirety of this time. Extra hours weekly may be a possibility. Assistant Educators work with our Lead Educators to plan, prepare for and implement our summer camp curriculum. You can expect a flurry of energy and excitement from our 'Sprouts', and mornings filled with digging, singing, playing, picking and nibbling, slopping pigs, and holding chicks. Ideal candidates are full of energy, able to be silly, sing (a lot), and ideally have at least 1-2 years of experience working with young children. Compensation based upon experience. Please send a resume to


Qualities of Ideal Candidates:

  1. Can adapt easily and willingly to fluctuations throughout the day including:

    • Schedule

    • Temperature/Weather/Precipitation

    • Job duties

  2. Is capable of openly receiving feedback about how to increase the pace of efficient work.

  3. Loves to be outdoors, participating in physical activity, in a beautiful space with fun-loving coworkers.

  4. Exhibits hard core motivation, always, even about the end of day cocktail and the early morning harvest.

  5. Shows up fully, every day, with a positive attitude, a good sense of humor and finds joy in engagement.

  6. Views customer interactions of all kinds as an opportunity for mutual learning and growth and approaches them with an earnest sense of purpose and a heartfelt sincerity no matter if it’s at the farm or on the road delivering.

  7. Must LOVE the smell of leaf mulch.

  8. Sees value in all the work of everyday farming and rises to every occasion.

  9. No drama-queens or kings.

  10. Possesses a commitment to understanding and embracing the broader philosophy of sustainable, family-scale farming as an occupation and a lifestyle.

  11. Has the ability to take initiative as their knowledge base develops and a possesses a high level of self motivation.