The MOFGA certified organic Broadturn Farm is an authentic working farm that embodies the heritage of agriculture for children through engagement with a working landscape. Whether it be marveling at the John Deere as Farmer John rolls by or greeting the box of tiny baby chicks delivered by the mail carrier, children come home with dirty knees and great stories. The enthusiasm is infectious and sometimes children leave with a dream to farm.

Children start the day with a morning meeting and a little yoga (Those slop buckets are heavy! Even our youngest farmers need to stretch before lifting). After meeting, groups separate to take care of farm chores. The animals on the farm are fed and watered, eggs are collected and fence lines are checked. Sometimes, the wood fired oven needs to be lit for a baking project. After chore time, everyone moves in to a morning activity. A typical morning activity might include picking strawberries and grabbing a few eggs before heading to the kitchen to make strawberry shortcake. The middle of the day is met with lunch and a story. In the afternoon, there is choice time and often a trip to the stream is an option. The Silver Brook is a small tributary that runs in to the Stroudwater River. Its home to salamanders, frogs and the occasional brook trout. There also appears to be a growing population of fairies as evidenced by the heavy development of fairy houses in the region.

Come join us! 

Scholarships: We are happy to be able to offer a limited number of camp partial scholarships (funded by our Friday Farm Stand)! Please fill out the scholarship application and contact Megan if you have any questions.


Half Day Program for ages 4 & 5 

9:00am-noon, Monday-Friday

With an eye towards the unique needs of very young children, we structure the half day program to include lots of imagination, hands on learning and play activities. Little ones love coming to camp feeding pigs, visiting the cows, collecting eggs, handling chicks and ducklings, munching veggies and strawberries in the garden, learning simple recipes, exploring the woods, building fairy houses, singing songs, listening to stories, playing games, making art, and of course… learning how to use an outhouse!  Campers sign up for one week at a time.

Farm Kids

Full Day Program for ages 6-10 

9:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday

The Farm Kids Program allows campers to experience all the workings of a small, organic, working farm. Pigs, lambs, ducks, turkeys and laying hens are all part of a camper’s experience. Campers will participate in farm chores such as weeding, picking potato bugs, collecting eggs, feeding the pigs, and planting seedlings. Campers will take walks in the woods, learn about farm and forest ecology, collect salamanders and frogs, do craft projects, and learn how good local, organic farm-raised food can be through simple cooking projects. Campers play and read and dig in the dirt and come home asking for snap peas and carrots for dinner.

Farm Teens

Full Day Program for ages 11-14, 9am-3pm

Homesteading Week: Campers try their hand at some homesteading skills; sewing, spinning, weaving, woodworking, gardening, bread baking, cooking over an open fire, pickling and making butter and cheese are just a few of the things they might learn. This week will function as a typical session, including animal chores and time to cool off at the stream, but the week will focus on learning time honored skills. More details to follow.

Farm to Table Week: During Farm to Table week, campers will engage in a large plan to create a farm to table picnic to be enjoyed near the end of the week. Complete with meal planning, harvesting, cooking, and decorating the table with flowers, campers will play an active role. There will still be attention to all the regular details of farm camp day, including animal chores, games and time by the stream cooling off. Camp Pizza Party & Picnic will take place on Thursday evening. More information to follow!